Brand Questionnaire

Brand Blueprints

Traditionally a blueprint is something that acts as a plan, model, or template to allow the conscious mind to identify an obscure, subconscious desire. In this case, this initial desire is the key to access the true meaning and truth behind what you visualise your brand to be. Before a brand comes to life, a certain blueprint is being drawn up in your mind, and at first, it represents only your ambitions in a material sense. Gradually, though, this blueprint starts to represent a more mystical and spiritual sense, making your brand blueprint authentic.

So what is our mission here? To discover some indication of your brand blueprint.

This is a brand-blueprint-barometer, an indicator of some sort to help you identify with various kinds of blueprints. You need to choose which blueprint suits your brand best. There needn't be only one, your brand may fit into several of the proposed blueprints, even contradictory ones. It is your brand and your choice, so as Blackbeard would've put it: walk the plank!

There are no rules. Choose as many as you see fit. The less your ticks, though, the more specific your blueprint will be.

Go ahead and tick off!